Rivero Gonzalez

Our Story

The Rivero González Family grew up in Parras de la Fuente, a quiet north Mexican community in the state of Coahuila that loves the lands they live in and knows them like the back of their hands. With our days full of sunshine, cool nights and hard working folk, this is a great place to produce wine in Mexico.

Our Climate

Our climate is not the only thing that's lucky, but so is our history,the legacy of our ancestors that we treasure with care. In the late sixteenth century, under the beautiful Parras de la Fuente skies, the Spaniards planted the first vines in the American continent, and this magical town became the cradle of winemaking in the Americas, a tradition that us Parreños are deeply proud of.

Our business is committed to these lands and to the quality of our products, which are produced by raw materials that the inhabitants of this northeastern Mexican oasis harvest by hand. Friends make Rivero González wines for friends, and we are convinced that their sophistication lies in their simplicity.

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