Monte Xanic

“To be the producer of the best world class wine from Mexico, advancing the culture of wine while becoming the permanent standard in our industry”.

At Monte Xanic we do not intend to imitate the world’s greatest wines. We aim to produce excellent wines using noble grapes and the most advanced processes reflecting our character of proud open-minded Mexicans. Simultaneously, we will strive to build our history with positive leadership, community service and integrity in the Valle de Guadalupe.

Our History

Our first 20 years of history have served to confirm that the values upon which Monte Xanic was founded, were the right ones: to be pioneers both in process and technology, as well as to position ourselves in the Premium market; to proudly proclaim that we are Mexican, and to produce wines of a consistently high quality.

Hans, Richard, Eric, Manuel and Tomás, five friends who had a dream to create a winery that would produce high quality local wines. It was 1987, the border had just been opened to foreign wines, and a number of local wineries were closing down as a result of their inability to compete with modest quality wines that were being sold in a market that believed that all imports were superior. In spite of that, they dove full force into their project consolidating a brand that today is the benchmark of the Mexican Wine Industry.

As for the name: “Xanic” originates from the Cora Indians who continue to inhabit parts of Nayarit, on Mexico’s Pacific coast, and which means “flower which blooms after the first rain”.

Our Terroir


The Valle de Guadalupe is located 30 kilometers inland from Ensenada, on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, 100 km south of the border with the United States. Consequently, its vineyards are the northernmost of Mexico’s and the distance from the ocean is between 15 and 20 kilometers. The vines are at altitudes between 300 and 400 meters above sea level. The proximity to the Pacific Ocean provides humid currents that result in a microclimate in the valley.

Today the Valle de Guadalupe is Mexico’s most prestigious wine region, and home to 90% of the top wines of Mexico.

The character of this land defines the style of our wines; the bordelaise varietals express the terroir of this Valley with distinction and finesse. For this reason, the main varietals on our property are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec, Petit Verdot, Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon. We also produce wines with varietals from other regions, such as Chenin Blanc, Syrah and Chardonnay.



We use the most advanced technology to create the ideal conditions for pressing, fermenting, aging and bottling that allow for the maximum development of the characteristics of each grape.

The relatively small volume of grapes that we harvest allows us to have a close control based on the most important characteristics. This, in turn, allows us to precisely determine the date of the harvest and handpick only those grape clusters that fulfill our quality standards.

Field Technology:

  • Yield control
  • Night harvest
  • Continuous leaf pruning
  • Constant vine renovation
  • Introduction of root systems and ideal clones for the Valle de Guadalupe
  • Optimized irrigation through humidity sensors in the ground
  • Vine protection utilizing nets

Manufacturing Technology:

  • Low pressure “bladder” presses
  • Roto-fermentors, traditional tanks and temperature controlled inmersion tanks “Tanknet” for the fermentation, and storage
  • 3,000 barrel cellar with optimal natural conditions of temperature and humidity
  • Network of pipes for gravity induced filling
  • French oak barrels from the forests of Alliers and Nevers
  • Bottling in an aseptic environment further enhanced by microbiological analysis


Our Wines

Monte Xanic

Our red wines are aged for 18 months in French oak barrels. They compete in the “Super Premium” segment. These are elegant wines with great character and complexity that evolve excellently with time.


Our Calixa line reflects a new expression in Mexican wines. Produced with the same care and technique as our Monte Xanic wines, Calixa offers a true alternative in the segment of “Premium” wines thanks to its excellent quality-price ratio.

(Cali-sha) “Cali” in the Nahuatl language means “house”, thus, Calixa means “from the house of Xanic”.

Gran Ricardo

Gran Ricardo is Mexico’s first “Ultra Premium” wine, and was produced to honor the memory of Richard Hojel, founding partner of Monte Xanic - it represents the best of our vineyards.

Limited Edition Wines

As part of our research and development program in enology, our wine maker Hand Backhoff experiments with grape varietals that are uncommon in the Valley. These “signature wines“ enable us to introduce to the market up-and-coming proposals, while monitoring their development and acceptance.

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