"Talking about dreams has become trite." Words written by Mario Benedetti. Through Walt Disney, Shakespeare, Gandhi, Jefferson, Cohelo to Benedetti, dreams are the original management of any large project, of any great success, and of any great discovery. Therefore, I normally use this quote in my everyday life.

An American sociologist said more than thirty years was a formidable propaganda selling dreams, but it turns out I do not want to sell other people's dreams, if not simply to meet mine. No doubt this website you can visit today represents the fulfillment of one of my dreams is one of my most cherished desires. I never cease to recognize that no one can steal the technology, social networking and network. But for me it goes beyond that, is an opportunity to show what I am.

With an endless accumulation of defects, but as a woman with no more pretensions to show and share with you desires, knowledge, joys, experiences, weaknesses, triumphs and failures. Like any other woman in this country and the world, my way to get to play what we now recognize as my passion in life communication, has been hard but because of those failures, today I have the strength to fight for a dream , but to make it happen you need, for that reason we invite you to come to and give me your comments and so we can continue dreaming with open eyes.

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