Vinícola Fraternidad

A group of friends seeking to express their friendship with wine, create Vinicola Fraternidad.

Unique wines that meet the most demanding people, we create an experience very pleasant to the senses.

In all our wines the process is extremely delicate. The barrels used are of the highest quality, receive ultimate care and attention. Hygiene and fermentation are controlled at special temperatures to create a special product.

The winery is located in the Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California, where the wines currently produced are one of the higher-quality wines from Mexico. This is achieved thanks to the "terroir", that has the ideal characteristics of diversity and air of the sea. This project is made possible by the love of wine and effort of a great winemaker, Jose Luis Durand and the creativity of the architects Legorreta + Legorreta's office.

The result is a 100% Mexican integrity wine with one of the highest quality identites and elegance.

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