Our Story

The best wine takes time to develop. It must be cultivated, nurtured, carefully and meticulously monitored to reach it's ultimate potential. The same methods apply to building a successful business. The Gallardo brothers began as grape distributors, forming their company DUBACANO in the 1970's. During their business travels, they came across a beautiful ranch in the fertile San Vicente Valley in Baja California, that had everything going for it. A beautiful setting with a micro-climate that just was too perfect an opportunity to ignore. This was just what they needed for what they saw as another successful venture . . . being a part of the growing Baja Wine industry.

Just as they methodically grew their distribution business, varietals that would thrive in the valley's climate and soil were carefully grafted into the vineyards. Soon there were Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Merlot, Nebbiolo, and Syrah thriving and maturing under their watchful eyes.

2009 saw their first production of wine, and by 2012 they had created wines that they would be proud to call part of their family's legacy.  The introduction of the 2010 vintage to the market was met with acclaim and success.  

True to form, the brothers new that not just quality, but innovation was a proven way to succeed, and their Rose Merlot, the only one of it's kind in Mexico, was the epitome of what they were accomplishing.  The gold medal this wine received at the Ensenada Tierra de Vino wine competition was not only a confirmation of the family's commitment to quality and excellence, but the levels to which the brothers consistently insist upon and achieve.   The future holds no limits to what the brothers Gallardo can and will accomplish in this latest endeavor.

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