Cava Aragon 126

Surrounded by a prodigious land and the excellent Mediterranean enviroment of Guadalupe Valley, we grew up in Ensenada City learning the wine culture.

Five friends gathered to combine their knowledge, skills and experience to create a nice wine that preserves the region character, but with a touch of class that make it different at the same time.

In 2007 this adventure started and after the hard work of the five friends and partners, Madera 5 Wine came to life. It was made with excellent Merlot (20%) and Cabernet (80%) grapes. Obtaining a nice and balanced blend with fruity and intense flavors, firm tannins, balanced acidity and oak notes derived of the aging in French, American and Easter Europe barrels.

The 2007 production was 300 cases of Cabernet-Merlot Blend. In 2008 the production was 450 cases of Cabernet-Sangiovese Blend which was very well received because this blend is not very common in Mexico.

In 2010 at the customer request, they repeat the previous blends of Tempranillo-Cabernet and Cabernet-Sangiovese, in addition we also introduce a Nebbiolo Wine.

The project is still growing and in the near future it will include the grape production, but it will keep focusing in quality, not quantity.

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